Friday, September 28, 2012

MAGIC Peach Cobbler

Magic Peach Cobbler - by Jane

I realize that there has been quite a dessert streak on the blog, but who doesn't love dessert? Here's another one! I promise to try and get more variety very soon.

My mom purchased the What’s Cookin’ in Washington County Cookbook in 1993 when the county was celebrating its 175th anniversary. In her words...."I just thought it would be a good reference since there were so many recipes in it from people I knew. Why I didn’t contribute at the time, I don’t know…lazy, I guess. Anyway, there are so many good basic and not so basic recipes in it! I have been using the above recipe every fresh peach season since 1993, and my family loves it. As with other favorites, the girls now make it, too. We have also tried other seasonal fruits in place of the peaches, and it works great. Canned fruit works as well if you do not have fresh."

The photos below were take at my Aunt Sandy and Uncle Lou's river house; mom and Aunt Sandy even used her vintage bakeware and mixing bowls...and now those bowls have been gifted to Lula and me to make our own memories with!

And, I just made this recipe again last week with peaches and blackberries - delish! Love when a recipe is both simple and versatile!

Magic Peach Cobbler

9x9 pan recipe                                                                          9 x 13 pan recipe
1 stick butter                                                                            1 stick butter
1 cup sugar                                                                               1 ½ cup sugar
1 cup flour                                                                                1 ½ cup flour
1 ½ tsps. baking powder                                                           2 ¼ tsps. baking powder
1 ¾ -2 cups sliced peaches                                                       2-2 ¼ cup peaches
¾ cup milk                                                                                1 ½ cups milk
1 cup sugar                                                                                1 cup sugar

Melt butter in pan. Mix together the sugar, flour, baking powder, and milk; pour over the butter. DO NOT STIR. Arrange the peaches over this, and then sprinkle the last cup of sugar over the peaches as evenly as possible. Bake for 30-40 minutes depending on pan used at 350*. The mixture forms a delicious crust on the top of the fruit that is mouthwatering.

Serve with ice cream or a little half and half over it, or, eat it as is! Any way you choose is yummy!

You know how we do it, simple, simple, simple!

Melt butter, then poor the batter over-top. Do. NOT.'s MAGIC.

Gently place the fruit in the pan with the butter and batter...
again, don't mix it!

Tick-tock, tick-tock...

The batter bakes up and around the fruit to make the cobbler. Magically.

Could be a photo IN the cookbook! So cute in the Vintage Kitchen!!

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