Friday, June 1, 2012

Old-Fashion Spaghetti - Good by Any Name (Four Generations & Counting)

Old-Fashion Spaghetti - Ford Family Recipe 

This is a family favorite - and oh-so-easy! Not to mention, fairly low-fat. It has become a favorite in the Stamps house, and has been loved by the Ford family for over four generations. The way my dad tells it, is that this recipe was his Grandmother Ford's recipe - but unfortunately, we don't know if it was something she created or was handed down to her. Great-Grandma Anna (Miller) Ford was my Grandpa Bob's mom, from New Memphis Station, IL - close to the Kaskaskia River.

This woman made the most of everything since she had a family of 12! We imagine she liked this recipe because it uses a cheaper cut of meat, and since she canned summer tomatoes and had onions from the garden - it went pretty far for a big family dinner.  She taught it to my grandmother, Barbara (Kuhn) Ford, after Barb married my Grandpa, Robert Ford. My Aunt Debbie said it was obviously one of their favorites as Grandma Barb made it often, but she called it "Beef and Spaghetti" instead.

Apparently Great-Grandma shared it with all of her children and grandchildren, because we know that the recipe is used and loved by many of our cousins - but we all call it something different! Amazing how the same recipe can be passed down and evolve differently in the same family. Some of our Ford family cousins call it "Loose Spaghetti" and my Great-Aunt Doris's family calls it "German Spaghetti" - just goes to show that no matter what you call it, several branches and many generations of our family enjoy this recipe.

Light, yet hearty, this dish is good any time of year! Plus, it is an easy recipe to alter by adding additional veggies or flavors to make it your own.

A Bowl of Memories!

Old-Fashion Spaghetti

1-lb beef, stew meat cubes
1-16oz or quart diced canned tomatoes
1-Lg yellow onion, chopped
2-32oz boxes of beef stock
8 oz water (if desired to stretch it even further)
1-lb spaghetti

Simple Ingredients Reflect a Simpler Time

1. Brown meat in stock pot, as the meat begins to carmelize, add chopped onion and allow to soften
2. Add in diced tomato, beef stock and water - let simmer for 1-2 hours to allow meat to tenderize
3. When you near dinner time, add in spaghetti and cook 8-10 minutes - salt and pepper to taste!

Serve with bread and salad!

Allow the Meat to Simmer on Low to Tenderize

We Keep it Traditional - but Add Your Own Spin!



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  1. We just had it for supper with Betty. Yummy.